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Bourdeau Contracting has been providing General Contractors and Government Bodies with new roofs for several years.

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Roofing Inspection

Roof Replacement Services

Whether your building’s roof has experienced considerable damage, has a few leaks, or is breaking down from age, there are several considerations that will help you determine if you should replace or restore your roof. 

Replacement may be recommended if the roof’s structure has been compromised or if the wrong roofing material or application was used during installation.

Roof Replacement Considerations & Process

Considerations for Roof Replacements

We determine an ideal solution taking the following factors into consideration:

✓ Roof age
Curling, splitting and buckling of the existing membrane
Leaks throughout the roof causing soft spots and wet insulation
Scrim reinforcement visible
Deteriorating flashings
Extensive granule loss
Daylight can be seen through membrane and around penetrations

Roof Replacement Consultation Process

Prior to commencing a project, we have several consultations to understand your goals and review the job site:

Budgeting/Cost Forecasting
Evaluation/Roof Survey
Infrared Thermal Imaging Roof Scans
Specification Development

After a survey is completed, we send you a report that includes condition observations and conclusions with recommendations outlining options to fit a range of budgets.

Other Roof Replacement Considerations



 The cost of a replacement roof will be more significant than a restoration. A replacement roof often requires more preparation, materials, and labor.



Depending on the type of material used, a replacement’s durability varies. It will last longer with the right maintenance.



 A replacement roof installation is usually done during summer as the materials typically need time to dry.


Project Turnaround Time

Overall, a roof replacement will take longer than a restoration because it takes time to remove the old roof. Installing a new roof over the old will save time and money when possible.

Types of Replacement Roof Systems

If you own a commercial business or industrial property, cost-savings are vital. And when it comes to roofing, an affordable, reliable and easy to maintain roof is key.

Our flat roofs offer exceptional cost-savings compared to sloped or tiled roofs, utility that allows you to use the rooftop space for HVAC equipment, solar panels or other needs, and durability you can count on.

With a zero-degree slope, you’ll be able to easily access your roof anytime you need, and all of our rooftop solutions are rated against moisture, weathering, fading, and cracking. Contact us now for more information.

Metal panel roofs provide a superior solution for all of your roofing needs. Compared to other rooftop options, metal panel roofs offer more styles, colors, patterns, and profiles than any other material. 

Metal panel rooftops are known for their longevity and can easily last the lifetime of the building. Metal panels roofs are also extremely lightweight, making them an ideal choice for a roof retrofit. 

When you want a quality roof that looks great and will last for years, metal panel roofs are your best choice.

Using the latest technology, our synthetic roofs are fabricated from recycled materials but still retain immense durability. These roofs boast a wind resistance of up to 110 mph and a “Class A” fire rating, keeping your property protected from any fire. 

Our composite roofs are also highly impact resistant, fade resistant and offer a very affordable price tag. They come in a wide array of colors and sizes and we’re happy to customize your roof to meet your needs.

Types of Buildings We Work On

Commercial Office Buildings

Commercial Office Buildings

Retail Shopping Malls

Retail Shopping Malls & Plazas


Manufacturing & Industrial Buildings


Hospitals / Retirement Facilities

Hotels Apartment Buildings

Hotels / Apartment Buildings



Private Schools / Universities

Private Schools / Universities

Highrise Buildings

Highrise Buildings


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on Roof Replacements

When is it time to replace my roof?

A few signs that a roof needs replacement are given below but requesting an estimate can provide more insight on when to replace a roof:

  • Bucking and curling shingles
  • Algae growth
  • Missing granules
  • Missing shingles
  • Mold
Is there a right season for replacing a roof?

You should get a roof replaced as soon as feasible. Postponing a roof replacement could cause more damage.

Spring and early summer are generally cost-effective times to have your roof repaired or replaced, as it is generally a slower time of year for roofing companies, and materials and labor costs tend to be lower.

How long does the roof replacement process take?

There is no certainty on how long a roof replacement will take. The timeline depends on a variety of factors, including the material of the new roof, the type of roof, and the experience of the crew.

Typically, it takes between three and four days to about six or seven days. The size of the project directly affects the time it takes for your roof to be replaced.

My roof leaks. Do I need to have it replaced completely?

Not necessarily. Leaks can result from flashings that have come loose or a section of the roof system being damaged.

A complete roof system failure, however, generally is irreversible and a result of improper installation or choice of materials or the roof system installation is inappropriate for the home or building.

Will a new roof lower my energy bills?

If your roof is old and underperforming, roof replacement can help lower energy bills. It is ideal that the attic remains close to the outside temperature, but overheating during the summer is a sign of inadequate ventilation.

This can directly cause the HVAC to work in overdrive. A new roof lowers energy bills with ventilation and sound materials that prevent excess drafts and water leaks.

Is new roofing a good investment?

Yes, a roof is a significant investment but is good for the resale value of the property. It is estimated that a new roof will increase the value of the property by 20% to 40%. Given the cost of a new roof, this is a serious return on investment.

Can I just have the new roof installed over the old one?

While it is possible to install a new roof over the old one, it is not a good idea in the long run. Materials like shingles are ideally installed as flat as possible, which is something that can’t be done if the old roof is still present.

There’s also the weight concern, as the roofing weight is practically doubled. Finally, if the roofing structure or insulation has hidden issues, there will be little chance to get it fixed.

What will a new roof cost?

The price of a new roof system varies widely, depending on materials selected, property, location and time of year. To get a good idea of the price for your roof system.

For each roofing material, there are different grades and corresponding prices. There also are a variety of styles and shapes. Call us to look at the full product range and make a choice based on your budget and needs.

How can I determine my annual roofing cost?

Total Cost (Materials and Labor) ÷ Life Expectancy of Roof System (in years) = Annual Roofing Cost

How long can I expect my roof system to last?

Ideally for about 20 years though some roof system types, such as slate, clay tile and certain metal (e.g. copper) systems, can last longer.

Actual roof system lifespan is determined by a number of factors, including climatic and environmental conditions, proper building and roof system design, material quality, proper application and adequate roof maintenance.

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