Yearly Maintenance Tips For Commercial Roofs

May 6, 2021

Commercial roofs always get more scrutinized than residential ones. Every roofing service should perform a check on your commercial roof to ensure its stability and safety. People working underneath should be reassured of the durability of the roofing materials and enjoy a healthy environment.

It would be wise to know some tips to apply to your yearly maintenance. They can help you identify the proper guidelines to follow and have a commercial roof that will serve your business for many years to come.

Fix Leaks Immediately

Leaks can remain unnoticed until a severe flood occurs. They can start from a little crack or hole and let the rainwater or moisture penetrate the lower layers of your roof or even the structural parts of your building. If you manage to identify a leak, it would be better to ask for roofing service maintenance. They are experienced enough to find the source of the leak and fix it quickly. Don’t wait for summer to come; even a heavy winter storm can compromise your building’s integrity.

Perform No Unnecessary Visits On the Roof

Commercial roofs shouldn’t be visited by non-authorized personnel. Business managers should ensure a safe pathway for workers coming on the roof who need to walk and fix cracks or perform maintenance tasks on other equipment. 

All the unnecessary walks on the roof can put workers in danger and severely damage the distinct roofing layers. It would be better to allow people to be on the roof only when something happens and for a limited time.

Insist Having A Roof Inspection Once a Year

Property Owners insist that a yearly inspection of commercial roofs is important to find any potential issues that could evolve into big headaches. You may not check several weak spots, cracks, and slight holes from underneath; even bacterial contamination and mold could get identified only from a close distance.

A roof inspection is a task for experienced roofing services which have either built the roof or got responsible for its maintenance. Most of these groups use highly sophisticated tools like infrared cameras and temperature detectors to detect any deficiencies that need to be addressed immediately.

Roof Gutters and Drains Should Be Always Free

Gutters and drains are the main ducts to remove rainwater from your commercial roof. Just imagine the water volume falling on your roof during a storm. Since commercial roofs have a huge surface, water needs to have a safe passage through the building ending up in the public sewage reservoirs. 

Many times roofing services find debris, dust, and bird feathers in the gutters and drains. That could severely impact their ability to remove water from your roof effectively. Cleaning and unclogging these ducts regularly can intensify the commercial roof’s ability to remove all the water coming to your building. 

Trim All Surrounding Trees

Commercial properties close to forests and trees or even those with a small backyard around them should have an arborist inspection. Trimming expert services must prune the trees every spring to allow them to grow in the right direction. However, if their branches or leaves are on the commercial roof, they could create a lot more problems than the shade they offer. 

Trees create problems when falling on the roof during a storm or a windy occasion. The creation of mold on your roof could also happen when trees block sun rays from falling on the roof surfaces. Constant tree maintenance can not only give you a cleaner roof but also preserve its structural integrity and increase its lifespan. 

Remove Snow During Winter

Many commercial properties face problems with snow accumulating on their roofs. When the slope is smaller, the snow tends to stay on the roof for a longer time. That is when fresh snow can turn into a thick ice layer due to cold winds coming from the north. If the same situation repeats for many cycles, you can have a devastating frozen snow blanket on top of your commercial roof.

That situation could create severe damages to the roof structure, or make it collapse into your premises and even induce fatal injuries to your personnel and customers. Snow removal should start even from the first day of snowstorms and be continued until the end of the winter period. The excessive weight of the snow could become the worst nightmare for roofing services, which have special equipment to safely remove snow from the surface and prevent it from accumulating again. 

Equipment on the Roof Should Be Functional

Many commercial properties use their roof surface as a vital space for their HVAC or other equipment. This machinery is durable to extreme weather conditions and can be operable for many years up there. However, you should always be alert for potential consequences on your roof’s integrity in case of a malfunction.

Authorized staff could regularly inspect the equipment to ensure it works properly. Minor leaks in that machinery can create a mess on your roof. If you spot a leak in the coolant system of the air conditioning, the chemical agents could be corrosive and penetrate the roof layers. To avoid excessive damage from your equipment, you should always follow a strict inspection and maintenance plan and keep the roof surface clean.

Hire Licensed Personnel For Your Roof Cleaning

Finally, cleaning your commercial roof is also important to ensure its longevity and functionality. Licensed roofing services should be the only ones eligible to walk on your commercial roof and perform cleaning services. Ordinary janitors who have no prior experience with roofs and can’t even stand heights would cause more harm than good.

Licensed personnel always come with the proper tools for cleaning your commercial roof. High-pressure washing machines, neutral cleaners, and brushes are some of the tools that can help your roof stay clean even when the weather conditions are working against it. 

Keeping your commercial roof closest to its original condition will increase the structural stability of your building, ensure business continuity and preserve the health of people working underneath.

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