When Should I Replace My Commercial Roof?

May 10, 2021

In the U.S., most people have chosen to stay indoors because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since it isn’t going away anytime soon, businesses have to take precautions and allow some team members to work from home.

So, what will happen next? This means the ideal time to seek commercial roof replacement is now. Contact a reliable roofing contractor and get your roof replaced as soon as possible. Most businesses will ignore acting fast and miss out on the chance to install a high-quality roof. 

But if you’re not convinced, here are some reasons to repair or replace your roof now:

  • You could get discounts on roof repair or replacement that you might not get again. 
  • Since few people are working, roof repair or replacement could be executed without disruption. 
  • Summer is the perfect season to get your roof repaired by professionals. The job will be completed in no time. 

If you’re unsure about replacing your commercial roof, you can take your time before contacting a roofing company. As a business owner, you will think about the price since most roofing projects are costly. Roofing contractors are knowledgeable and will know how to detect a roof that needs to be replaced. 

Here are seven signs that it’s time to seek commercial roof replacement. 

7 Signs That Indicates Your Commercial Roof Needs to Be Replaced

Commercial roofing costs will vary depending on the contractor you hire. But it is worth noting that the project will be costly. Hence, the roof’s condition will be the least of the business owner’s concerns. 

However, the roof is a crucial component of the company’s building. If you don’t have a top-notch roof, your business will be adversely affected/ 

Roofing problems could cause further damage, or even worse, shut down your business. Also, you could deal with the loss of expensive tools and unexpected interruptions. That’s why it is recommended to reach out to a roofing company and get your roof replaced or repaired.

Hiring an experienced contractor will ensure the roof is also maintained. It is vital to detect signs you might replace your commercial roof.


If you detect blistering on the exterior of the roof, you will need to replace the roof. Blistering is linked to water damage. Water that flows into the insulation will get stuck, and your roof will get ruined in the long-term. The situation will see gases released, and blistering will occur. 

Expensive Repairs

Most roofing companies will want you to keep your roof maintained so that you save money. Roof repairs are expensive, and most people will choose to install a new roof over choosing repairs. Once you detect you have a roofing problem, you should replace it. By selecting a replacement, you will save money. 

Increase in Energy Bills

An increase in energy bills will indicate that your roof isn’t in excellent condition. If you’ve been spending more money every month, then you need to contact a roofing contractor and replace the roof. Always remember the roof isn’t just to offer protection from rain, but it will keep the house warm. 

Noticeable Leaks

Are you dealing with water leaks when rainwater pours? If so, it is evident that you should replace your roof. But it is worth noting that leaks can be challenging to detect, especially in complicated buildings. Several commercial buildings will be built differently. That’s why you need to contact a roofing specialist.

If you wish to detect the leaks sooner, you need to look out for mold or water spots on the walls. Don’t forget to check the entire building. There is a chance that there could be water damage. If you notice mold, you need to act fast and get in touch with a roofing contractor. Mold is well-known to grow before damage is visible. 

Poor Insulation

Another way to know if you need roof replacement is by assessing the property’s insulation. With excellent commercial roofing installation, you will get proper insulation. So, if there is an increase in your energy bills, even if every other home appliance is functioning at an optimal level, then your roof will need to be replaced. 

Membrane Damage

When you decide to install a roof for your commercial property, ensure you choose flat roofs. Flat roofs will use membrane roofing because it provides insulation and warmth. Just like shingles, you must constantly inspect the membrane roofing to detect damage. 

Look out for lifting or bald spots. Both these signs will show your roof isn’t correctly protected, and water could cause problems. Also, don’t forget to check for openings in the membrane roofing. It could occur as your roof ages and doesn’t function correctly. Membrane roofing damage could be noticed on a new roof if you didn’t install insulation properly. Make sure you are prepared for it. 

Noticeable Water Infiltration

It is always recommended to assess your building’s walls. Do you see any stains or water damage? These signs could show that your commercial roof isn’t in excellent condition. Roof damage could happen if the insulation and the membrane don’t work because of age. A roofer will conduct a roof inspection to see if there are signs of water damage. Not only will the process be straightforward, but you will replace your roof in time. 

Installing a new roof won’t just improve your property’s appeal, but it will offer protection and warmth. If you’ve been procrastinating replacing your roof, then you’ve been putting your employees and items at risk. Based on the type of building you’re in and your roof’s condition, roof replacement might be the ideal choice rather than repairing the roof.

If you suspect your roof is deteriorating, you need to contact a roofing contractor and inspect it. Even though roofing can be expensive, you might spend more money if you ignore it to get it assessed. 

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