Waterproofing Techniques of Flat Roofs

July 8, 2021

Flat roofs are beautiful. They feature a clean, simple appearance and have grown in popularity over the past few years due to their stylistic adaptability. However, there is one factor that keeps flat roofs from becoming as popular as traditional slated roofs. This factor is leakage. You must ensure that your flat roof is waterproof – much more so if you live in an area that receives rain and snow. However, several developments have been made over the years, and there are now several methods for waterproofing your flat roof by a roofing company

Today, we’re going to share some recommendations with you so that you can rest assured that regardless of how much rain falls, you and your house will remain dry.

Examine Your Roof

To begin with, you must properly check your roof if you have been experiencing leaks. The silver lining in this circumstance is that even though you have frequent leaks, you do not necessarily ought to replace the entire roof; rather, you may repair a part of it or patch specific areas. On the other side, what’s not so wonderful is that diagnosing the issue might be challenging at times if you’re unfamiliar with the terminology.

Additionally, before you climb up and begin investigating, keep the following points in mind. Firstly,  ensure that your roof is firm to walk on and that your ladder is stable. As you climb, have someone support the lower part of the ladder if necessary.

Use Reinforced Bitumen Membranes

It is a method that entails the application of two or three layers of the membrane to your flat. Following the laying, heated bitumen is used to bind the layers together. Blend the layers with a polyester container to create a waterproof membrane. It is then laid over the insulation if the design calls for a warm flat roof, or over the structural deck if the design calls for a cold flat roof. Torching, self-adhesive and cold application are techniques for attaching membranes to flat roofs.

Use Liquid Waterproofing

It entails the application of a certain sort of coating. Among these coatings are liquid fleece membranes, glass-reinforced plastic, and liquid fiberglass. This sort of waterproofing can be used on any kind of roof, including slate or aluminum roofing, but is most often applied on flat roofs. Coatings often last between 20 and 40 years, based on the application procedure, subsequent care, and the quality of the substance used.

Use Single Ply Membrane

The approach of using a single-ply membrane is well-suited for huge constructions. The sheets measure between 1mm – 2mm width, 1mm-2mm height, and 20m long—for optimal performance, these membranes are used in conjunction with warm flat roofs. As a result, the material is draped over the insulation. Additionally, there is a layer of material behind the insulation as well as on the structural deck. Attaching single-ply membranes is accomplished by fastening, ballasting, and adhesion.

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