Want To Prevent Your Roof From Getting Damaged? Here Are The Tips!

July 8, 2021

Want To Prevent Your Roof From Getting Damaged? Here Are The Tips!

When you think about roofs, it’s usually to marvel at the skill and artistry that went into their construction. But a roof is much more than just decoration. Roofs are crucial for your home’s safety as well! They withstand rigorous weather exposure from rain or hail every day, sun rays in the summertime, snowfall during the winter months, and even heatwaves with little air circulation. Roof deterioration can result from neglecting routine maintenance, but there are many ways you can prevent this by opting for roof repairs

It’s time to prepare for winter. Insulation will protect your roof from the cold and keep your rooms cozy, while ventilation lets hot air escape so that heat is not trapped close to cool air. To make sure a leak doesn’t turn into catastrophe this year: Inspect attic vents or hire a roofing contractor before snow falls. Here are some essential tips for you to keep your roofs safe during the winter:

Fix Troublesome Leaks

You may not need to replace your entire roof, but you’ll notice a few spots that could be improved. It is about replacing the valley, redoing the chimney, and adding ventilation where it’s needed most. Any kind of damage to your roof should be taken care of immediately because otherwise, other issues can occur in the future – like a leaky roof! The last present you want this year is an embarrassing hole at Christmas time with water pouring out onto all those presents underneath.

You might just feel okay about having some parts replaced on your home’s damaged or aging rooftop if they aren’t too bad off as long as everything else still looks good. However, doing so will undoubtedly cost more than expected. If you’re noticing water damage, a leaky roof, or discoloration on the ceiling of your home – then it’s time to call a roofing contractor.

Bourdeau Contracting LLC has been providing high-quality artistry for 40 years. We value our customer’s homes as much as you do and will come right away with the best solution. The professional inspectors are available all day so don’t hesitate to contact them.

 Clean Gutters

Wouldn’t you be frustrated if your home’s exterior was constantly freezing and then melting, all because of the ice dams? That may sound like a horror story, but it is actually what many homes experience during winter. Clogged gutters are one reason for an ice dam to form, as water cannot drain properly when frozen clogs exist on top of the gutter. 

As more snow or rain accumulates over time, these drains will become too large, making it impossible for them to carry off excess rainfall without breaking away from their foundation, causing leaks at eaves; rotting fascia damage, collapsing gutters damaged shingles. These damages can add up quickly, so make sure \you keep those pesky kitty litter boxes out of the way!

One of the first steps in protecting your home from water damage is to clean out gutters. Out of ten times, clogged drains are caused by homeowners not installing a gutter protection system. There are three available options, including EZ Lock Gutter Guard, Eco Guard, and Leaf Relief systems, installed on top of existing gutters at an affordable price. Make sure you have adequately secured, sized, pitched, or drip-edged your roof before deciding what type of product will work best with your budget or property needs! 

Maintain Quality Windows

You know that feeling when you walk past a cold wall and get the chills? It’s likely because of leaky windows. Windows are responsible for maintaining room temperature, which means if they’re not sealing correctly, it could lead to high energy bills or an uncomfortable living environment. Bourdeau Contracting LLC believes that you deserve a warmer and more comfortable home. 

Your energy efficiency determines the comfort of your air conditioning, heating system, insulation levels—and all to save money on utility bills in the future! But how can the windows help? With double-paned glass at low E properties by low IR heaters guaranteed for life, these are just one way we are committed to making homes healthier spaces. We have qualified designers who will work closely with homeowners. Hence, you get exactly what you want out of your window replacement project: not only good looks but also greater convenience and budgeting relief both now and down the line.

Take Care Of Your Waterproof Decks

The winter is a beautiful sight to behold though it can be destructive when snow melts and ice thaws. Deck-owners, beware. Prevent your deck from becoming a victim of the winter weather by following essential tips for protecting it this coming season.

The summer might be over, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to escape unscathed in regards to your deck. Winter can have just as much effect on decks as any other time of year if they are left unprotected during and after snowfall because water seeps into the wood, causing warping, cracking, and peeling; not something anyone wants their home’s centerpiece exposed to!

Have you ever considered your deck an extension of the family room? Dec-Tec not only protects and extends its life, but it also provides a slip-resistant surface with texture to make sure that no one falls while spending time on this space. The three lines Bourdeau Contracting LLC offers are Classic for those who want something more natural, Traditional-looking which is environmentally friendly because it’s made from wood fibers instead of petrochemicals like many other products in the industry, or CoolStep if you prefer stylish colors as well as all-around protection against UV rays! 

Schedule An Inspection

Roof inspections can be a lifesaver during the cold winter months. With snow, rain, and ice on their way to wreak havoc on your roof, you need to schedule an inspection now so that any damages are found before they become too severe. Inspectors will examine all areas of your property- roofs, gutters, and chimneys–to ensure everything is as safe as possible with some preventative maintenance.

A thorough examination from our experts might uncover leaks or other problems in advance so that damage doesn’t arise later when it would’ve been much more costly (and likely required emergency repair). Don’t wait until Mother Nature has already done her worst; call  Bourdeau Contracting LLC today for help protecting your roof against potential dangers ahead of time.

To keep your homes in good condition during the frigid winters, you must perform roof maintenance regularly.  Bourdeau Contracting LLC offers high-quality artistry at affordable prices. Give the team a call today if you’re interested or have any questions about what they can provide for your needs before the storm season starts up again. We will make sure your home is warm and dry. You can call us at (314) 521-6917 to get a quote on roof repairs. Learn how to prevent your roof from getting damaged by visiting this link https://bourdeaucontracting.com/

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