Top Reasons not to Repair or Replace your Roof Partially

June 11, 2020

The roof is one of the most overlooked parts of the house, and for this reason, a roofing contractor is only contacted when the roof is in a pitiful state. A roof is a serious investment for both homes and offices, and for this reason, it should be given constant attention. A good roofing system should be able to last for about 25 years, but sometimes nature has other plans; therefore, reducing the lifespan of your roof. When this happens, you have to make the big decision of whether to repair the roof or carry out an entire replacement simply. Factors like finance may lead to you to settle for the option of partial roof service. Although this method can sometimes be useful for damage control in cases caused by water or wind, there are some situations in which they offer more problems than solutions. Below are some important reasons not to partially repair or replace your roof.

It is Expensive

Although a partial roof treatment usually seems cheaper in the first instance, it can lead to severe problems that are usually more expensive than the initial problem. A full replacement is usually more cost-efficient, and it allows the contractors to channel their skill entirely on the project. If you plan to cut cost in the long run, the best course of action is to tackle the problem entirely.

Uneven Appearance

Although partial roof treatments can be the best course of action for immediate damage control, it can affect the general look of the building. In the case of a residential building, replacing just a single layer of shingle doesn’t usually result in your roof looking as good as new as it makes your roof out of shape. Sometimes, after a partial roof work, there tend to be noticeable differences between old and new areas of the roof, and this can be somewhat unpleasant. An entire replacement is usually advisable if you are an appearance-conscious person.

Constant Need For Professional Attention

Carrying out a partial repair or replacement of your roof can lead to the constant need for a roofer as more problems may arise. This constant downtime can be bad for business in the case of a commercial building as it can alter the work routines. There is a high chance of a shingle falling during a severe storm or a leak occurring in an important part of the building if the roof’s vulnerabilities are not treated once and for all. Partial roof repair can also be time-wasting as the time that should have been used for more productive activities will be continuously spent mending one part of the roof or the other.

In conclusion, it is advisable to consult a professional to know whether or not your roofing problems can be effectively handled by a partial repair or a full replacement. For more information about residential and commercial roofings visit

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