Top 6 Signs of a Leaking Roof

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May 27, 2021

We all need excellent and leakage-free homes. A home is a place where we relax after our daily hustle, and therefore, it needs to be as comfortable as possible. However, this can be cut short by some roofing leaks.  Water stains on your ceiling or mold and moss growing where your roof and exterior wall meets are some of the signs that a roof is leaking. If you find it hard to identify the problem, inviting a roofing company to check and repair your roof will be the best idea. This is because you cant fix all issues with DIY tricks. The following are some of the signs that tell you when your roof is leaking.

Exterior Signs

Damaged Shingles

Once you notice that any of your shingles are curling, warping, missing, broken, or even damaged, that should automatically tell you that your roof leaks. The shingles immediately get susceptible to leaks and another kind of roof damage once the protective barrier is broken.

Clogged Downspouts and Gutters

Downspouts and gutters are very vital components of a roof. They allow the icing, melting of the snow, and run off of the water. The ice dam’s weight can be one of the significant factors contributing to roof leakage if these components are clogged. Further, these clogged gutters make the water not run off the roof as expected. This results in having a backup which leads to leakages at the edges of the roofs.

Missing or Damaged Materials Around the Vent, Seals, and Chimney

When installing a roof, it is always good to ensure the contractors have installed flashing around every roof structure. This will ensure the seal is tight. The vents, chimneys, skylights, among other parts of the roofs, have seals that are at a high risk of being susceptible to leakage. Immediately you notice that flashing is damaged or missing around these areas, find a replacement instantly.

Interior Signs

Any roof that can show the sign from inside your house requires immediate repair. You will notice these signs at the uppermost ceiling of your home or in the attic in most cases. So, how do you tell it’s a roof leak?

Discoloration or Dark Spots on the Ceiling

The dark spots always indicate that some moisture is leaking through a leak in the roof.

Bowing or Sagging Walls and Ceiling

Having sitting water can easily make the attic floor or ceiling to sag down. If this happens, an extensive repair of the roof, mitigation of potential mold and mildew growth will be required.

Sunlight Shining Through the Spots in the Attic

Once in a while, you can try to head up to your attic and see if you can see any of the signs. Also, check if you can see the sun shining through those spots. If you realize that the sun is shining through those spots, you should tell you that there is a hole or a crack somewhere. Before anything else, ensure it’s not a vent or those other fixtures, then you can proceed with doing a temporary block for the hole as you prepare to do permanent repairs. Immediately you notice these warning signs, and you should look at the leak in the roofing system once you get it, decide if a DIY solution will help or it requires a roofing expert to come for the leaks repair. You can also consider hiring a roofing professionals such as if your roof is aging.

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