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Whether you run a restaurant, own a factory, or just need a reliable roofing solution for your commercial property, PVC roofing is an affordable and effective choice. Our PVC roof installation process bonds several layers of PVC plastic and polyester membranes together to form a weather-resistant guard against moisture, wind damage, chemical spills and fires. This modular roofing system is extremely reliable, easy to maintain, and offers energy efficiency, saving you money on climate control as time passes. Learn more by contacting us today.

PVC Roofing

The benefits of PVC roofs

PVC Roofing is one of the most popular choices for business owners in St. Louis, MO and across the country. Our PVC roof installations are performed by a team of contractors with years of experience, who will ensure every inch of your roof is coated and sealed properly. The benefits of PVC roofs include:
  • Chemical spill resistant
  • Fire and moisture resistant
  • Wind and UV damage resistant
  • Affordable to install and maintain
  • Durable for decades

Durability and peace of mind

Do you own a restaurant that needs a reliable roof retrofit? Do you manage a chemical warehouse that requires a durable roof solution? No matter what industry you serve, you’ll find our PVC roofs will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. PVC roofs combine two layers of industrial-strength PVC and polyester with an acrylic top coat bonded together to form a flexible, UV resistant, and reflective surface. This material can easily withstand chemical spills, wind, water and fire. Give your business the protection it needs and give yourself true peace of mind by scheduling a PVC roof consultation with us today. 

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