Flat Roofs And What You Need to Know About Drainage

January 29, 2021

One of the biggest concerns that a lot of people will have with flat roofs is drainage. All roofing structures will undergo wear and tear but flat roofs are more susceptible to pooling of water. Have you ever asked yourself the mechanisms used to keep away the water on a flat roof?  A good roofing contractor St. Louis should be able to explain the different alternatives. Since flat roofs don’t have the advantage of slopes to channel away water from the roof, there are different mechanisms that are employed for drainage.

Interior Drains

You’re likely to find this type of drainage on a commercial roofing structure. It is also possible to be used for residential roofs but this is rarely the case. You can visualize the drains you’ll find inside your home like the shower or the sink. There are interior piping systems that are used to channel the water coming from the roof away from the foundation of the building. It is easy to customize such a system if you’d want to boost the curb appeal of the home while keeping it functional at the same time. Your walls are also protected from water damage.

The system isn’t without shortcomings. Interior drains are costly when compared to other alternatives. You will still have to work with a professional roofing contractor in case there are damages. Debris could easily clog the drains thus resulting in expensive damages. It is recommended to install strainers to prevent blocking. The system will also need to be inspected regularly to ensure there are no issues.


This is a common solution for flat roofs as it is easy to install and require little maintenance. It helps in capturing rainwater and directing away from the property. Gutters are readily available and a universal solution for roofing drainage. The disadvantage with gutters is that they tend to be susceptible to severe weather and heavy damage and can crumble leaving your flat roof exposed to water damage.


You’re likely to find scuppers along the roofline of a building. They’re square in shape with large openings. The openings make it possible for water to flow from the roof thus helping with the drainage. They can also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the building. Scuppers might not withstand heavy downpours and that’s why you’ll need to look for a better alternative if you live in an area that experiences storms regularly.

Which Option Should You Pick?

The above-mentioned options will help in diverting water away from your flat roof provided that the installation is done right. That is why it is important to research the roofing contractor that you’ll be working with. They need to be experienced with flat roofs. You can always reach out to Bourdeau Contracting LLC if you’re looking for a roofing company that is all about delivering exceptional services. To learn more about what we can offer, visit our website at https://bourdeaucontracting.com/

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