Does Your Homeowners Policy Cover Wind Damage?

February 8, 2021

Natural disasters account for a chunk of property damage in the US and some states offer separate wind protection coverage for the loss. As the weather pattern continues to change, the losses are likely to rise in the future. So, your home insurance policy must cover such disasters and offer you protection. Unfortunately, no home insurance policy comes with a wind guard plan, so it’s better to talk to an expert roofing contractor St. Louis for the best option according to your requirements. 

Different Types Of Wind Insurance

Wind insurance comes in different names like a windstorm, wind and hail, and hurricane coverage. Whatever the name, wind insurance is an additional protection cover that includes hurricanes, tornados, and battery in some cases. 

Always check your policy for wind damage protection before enrolling your name. In most US coastal belts, you would require a separate policy called the Coastal Property Insurance Pool. You can also hire a  roofing contractor St. Louis for wind insurance when you repair your home. 

What Type Of Loss Does It Cover?

When a hailstorm passes through your property, the after-effects can be heartbreaking. You might find your furniture tossed around or a damaged roof. Your fence might also be knocked down and cable lines cut-off. Yes, your home insurance can compensate for the loss, but it depends on the type of coverage; cash value or the replacement value. Get in touch with your roofing contractor St. Louis for the best advice and guidance. 

A typical homeowner’s policy with wind coverage mostly include:

  • Wind damage to roofs and shingles
  • Wind damage to the doors and windows
  • Wind damage to fences
  • Wind damage to the siding 
  • Wind damage for cable lines, fallen trees, or flooding
  • Wind damage for frozen or burst pipes

How To File A Claim?

It’s always prudent to file your claim immediately after the damage has been done. You should always stay safe during any inspection of your roof because exposed shingles can hurt you. 

  • Ensure proper protection before the inspection
  • Take photos of the damaged areas
  • Jot down the date and time
  • Write a description of the damage as you see it
  • Make some temporary repairs by hiring reliable roofing contractor St. Louis
  • Gather your valuable items and store them with a friend

Filing a claim is not difficult, so approach your insurance agency after ensuring everything is properly taken care of. 

How Do Deductibles Work?

You should spend a few dollars before your agent chips in. The amount is subtracted from your claim before being sent to you. There are two types of deductibles:

  • Hurricane storm deductibles 
  • Windstorm or hail deductibles

How Can You Save Money On Wind Insurance?

Look out for insurance companies that offer discounts to homeowners for specific upgrades. It will also help you in the long run by offering secured protection. You can also consider hiring a local roofing contractor St. Louis to improve your property’s protection and use better quality materials. Connect with for better advice to use your wind insurance to cover up your losses. 

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