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Bourdeau Contracting is an industrial and commercial roofing contractor team with over 17 years of experience. We are passionate about helping Chesterfield commercial businesses achieve the best roofs with repairs, replacements, and installations.

If you’re looking for a dependable roofing team, contact our Chesterfield commercial roofing company today.

Commercial Roofing in Chesterfield

Commercial roofing can be a hassle, which is why you should leave it to our expert team to maintain and repair your commercial roofs. You can also trust our employees to pick the best roof material and style to suit your building.

Here are some of the roofing services our company offers Chesterfield businesses:

  • Flat Roofs – Commercial business owners know that saving money anywhere you can is vital. That’s why we offer roofing that is affordable and dependable, but also easy to maintain. Compared to other tiled or sloped roofs, our flat roofing installations save you more. With the advantage of a flat roof, you can utilize every inch of your rooftop space for solar panels, HVAC equipment, and more.
  • Metal Panel Roofs – With more style, color, and pattern options than any other roofing solutions, our metal panel roofs are versatile and reliable. Since this roofing material is known for its durability, these installations can easily last decades on the building. This extremely lightweight option is ideal for commercial and industrial business owners.
  • Metal Retrofitting – We know that stormy weather in Chesterfield can bring leaks to your building and disrupt every part of the workforce. By retrofitting your roof, you both can stop leaks for the long-term and have a reliable solution. This service is especially convenient because it is installed over your existing roof. After a retrofit, you don’t need to replace or even re-seal the material. Our team is expertly trained in low-maintenance, sound metal retrofitting for any commercial business.
  • Engineered/Composite Roofs – Our engineered roofs are extremely durable because of the amazing wind resistance and fire rating. This synthetic material is also very impact-resistant. While roofing like this may seem expensive, our composite roofing options come with affordable price tags. No matter what look or color you want on your roof, we can customize it to fit your needs.


Why Choose Bourdeau Contracting?

Customer Care

After an initial consultation, we decide which one of our many roofing options will perfectly fit your commercial business. Whether you prefer a lightweight roofing option like metal panels or a flat roof for your equipment, we have many options for you at affordable rates. We’ll make sure we match you with the material you prefer the most.

Experienced Team

Our workers are OSHA-trained and fully licensed and insured. We’re an experienced team that’s dedicated to making your business safe for decades to come.

Free Estimates

We’re happy to offer free estimates to you so that you can make the best decision for your businesses. Our rates are up-front with no hidden fees.


We believe in our work so much that each job comes with a 15-20 warranty.

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If you need a Chesterfield commercial roofing company, contact us today! Our team of experts knows how to install the perfect roofing solution for your commercial property.

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