5 Signs You Require an Expert to Assess Your Gutters

April 14, 2021

Your home gutters play a significant role in helping to direct water away from your foundation, windows, doors, and exterior walls. This, in turn, helps keep your home safe from dangers like costly water damage. And despite playing this huge role, cleaning them can be a pesky task. Unfortunately, without the right maintenance, your gutters can experience extreme water damage. Your gutters require regular cleaning, replacement, and repair every few times a year. Here are five signs to help you determine when you need a roofing company expert to help with your gutters.

Splits and Cracks

A small split in your gutter may not cause too much damage immediately, but the small cracks grow over time. And, that becomes a problem. This predicament not only affects your gutters; but also the shingles and the foundation underneath. Once you spot those splits and cracks, immediately call a roofing professional.

Water Pools and Mold around the Foundation

The primary purpose of a gutter is to keep water away from your home’s foundation. And, if you notice lots of pools of mildew or water near the foundation, this could be a sign that your gutters aren’t fulfilling their purpose.

This sign can be dangerous, as a pool of water or mold development can cause significant damage to your foundation, which will, in turn, mean costly repairs. By calling a pro on time, you not only save money; but also protect your home.

Rust and Peeling Paint

Another sign you shouldn’t take lightly is rust and peeling paint. Gutter paint is quite resilient, and it’s tough enough to withstand weather and wear. But if you notice bits of rust and peeling paint, it’s indication water is continuously leaking. Call a pro immediately.

Gutter sag

This is one sign that’s a clear sign your gutters need replacement. Make sure you check your gutters once a year for signs of watermarks or overflow. If you spot any, call a professional before the gutter damage gets to the fascia board.

It’s also an indication that you need to upgrade your gutters with gutter guards, seamless or screens gutters.

Water Damage

This is also another sign that you can easily check. All you have to do is inspect beneath your gutters on a sunny, dry day for water damage evidence. Watermarks underneath gutters can show that there’s an overflow or leak with water.

It also means there’s a blockage in a particular area of the gutter. If there are no blockages, then the water damage might show that the gutter has a leak or crack you need to repair.

You no longer have to guess when to fix your gutters. With the above tips, you know when you need to call a gutter pro immediately. You also get to protect your home from any damages.

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